two locations: Slidell, louisiana and Pass Christian, Mississippi

Aquatic Therapy is a specialized form of physical or occupational therapy. Water has been, and still remains, the best environment to achieve full function regardless of the injury.  The warmth of the water and its massaging effects allow muscles to relax while helping to reduce pain.  The natural buoyancy reduces gravitational pull and lessens compressive forces, hence making exercises much easier to perform than on land.  Best of all, aquatic therapy can be used even if a patient does not know how to swim.  

This program utilizes 4 different MedX machines.  One is the MedX Lumbar to help strengthen the lower back.  The second is the MedX Ab Isolator to help strengthen the abdominal muscles.  The third is the MedX Torso Rotation which helps trim the waist line.  The fourth is the MedX 4-Way Neck which trains the flexion/extension muscles of the neck to allow for decompression of the upper spine and increase flexibility in all directions.

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